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Civil litigation includes the private rights of individuals, partnerships, and corporations, and claims can be big or small. Wardell Gillis can help you either initiate or defend such a claim. If you have been served with documents it is important to act quickly to ensure that you meet the timelines required. Wardell Gillis can help you with this.

​There are times when a dispute or hardship arises and a resolution is necessary. If your rights or interests have been harmed you may want to commence a law suit for compensation. Wardell Gillis can review your case and provide you with options to determine what outcomes may be available and how best to proceed, keeping in mind the costs of your action, the value of your claim, and the strength of your claim.

Wardell Gillis provides assistance with employment law, estate litigation, will disputes, contract disputes, real estate disputes, personal injury, insurance disputes, collections, etc. We are skilled in negotiation and can also provide dispute resolution, mediation, collaborative law, or arbitration options.

Wardell Gillis can assess your situation to ascertain how best to achieve your goals and offer strategies to reach those goals. We can negotiate on your behalf and take alternative measures prior to commencing a court application. Should it be necessary we will prepare, serve and file all documents required for your claim, and we will represent you in all measures required during the court process.

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These lawyers specialize in Civil Litigation
​Daniel N. Tangjerd

B.A., LL.B.

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W.J. (Bill) Wardell, K.C.

K.C., B.A., LL.B.

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Glenn A. Wright

P.Eng., B.Sc., M.Sc., J.D.

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